May 22, 2020

Dying Victims

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Ornament Of Proposition

May 22, 2020

Dying Victims



Heavy Metal




Zatyr. The best new band out of Sweden? Possibly. No, the Gothenburg-quartet aren’t a throwback to Nihilist (or Carnage). They aren’t trying to re-do Septic Broiler’s demo days. And they aren’t a Bathory (pre-Viking) clone. No, fellow fiends and maligned metalheads, Zatyr are visiting the super-early ’80s, when the spark of heavy metal was bright (and dangerous). When bands played their music, and didn’t rely on hamonizers or tone auto-corrects. This is the real deal forged out of denim, leather, and polished chrome. I mean, if you don’t like Running Wild, Silver Mountain, Omen, or Death SS, then you’re probably going to stick your Tampa- or Stockholm- death metal nose up at the newly-born Swedes, but what if I “Sweden” the sonic deal by including In Solitude, RAM, or Portrait? Now, do I heave your attention? Hope so. – Decibel