March 27, 2020

Wolves & Vibrancy

Album Info

Walk Through Fire

Var Avgrund

March 27, 2020

Wolves & Vibrancy

Gothenburg, Swededn


Doom Metal




Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden sludge doom quintet WALK THROUGH FIRE returns with their third studio opus entitled VÅR AVGRUND (Our Abyss). The band has broadened their sound with an organ resulting out of the Arvo Pärt live recording in 2017 adding an extra layer onto their minimalistic sludge monotony and slow burning hardcore vocalisation. Malin Wättrings contribution of saxophone in ‘Vägar Mot Slutet’ shows the band is far beyond genre restrictions and abandons any kind of traditional song structure totally focusing on the uncompromising transportation of existential dread and misery.