March 20, 2020

Blackened Death

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Wings Of The Joyful

March 20, 2020

Blackened Death

London, UK


Black Metal




Underground black metal act Gaylord returns with their brand new album - "Wings of the Joyful." The album is the follow up to 2018's "The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed" and sees the band's instrumentation and attitude evolve. Wings of the Joyful is 11 tracks clocking in at 42 minutes. Expanding on the raw "old school" sound of the first album, Wings of the Joyful sees expanded influence from death metal, grindcore, and viking metal. What does not change is Gaylord's unadulterated hatred for nazism, fascism, racism, and gender inequality. We all deserve to live in a world free of hatred. Free of political hate, religious hate, gender hate. Take your basement aryan mouth breathing sister fucking gormless faces and get out of this scene. Heavy metal is not for you. We fly on the wings of the joyful.