April 10, 2020


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Endless Restless

April 10, 2020




Heavy Metal




After two single and video releases at the end of 2019 and the beginning of this year, the Swiss modern melodic metal band DevilsBridge are going to release their debut EP “Endless Restless” featuring six brand-new songs in April. On the EP, the band of five around vocalist Dani Nell presents captivating metal which is not simply looking to only copy the usual structures, but also sprinkles progressive elements every so often into the songs and balances skillfully between aggressiveness and catchy choruses. Heavily pumping tracks like “Centrifuge Of Life” or “Captain Devil” burst out of the loudspeakers as intensely as “Fire Free” which incites you to belt it out, or powerful tracks like the single track “Endless Restless Heart”. The young band’s joy of playing is palpable in every beat, every riff and every sung word which makes “Endless Restless” the perfect entry point to the world of DevilsBridge.