April 24, 2020

Metal Blade

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Cirith Ungol

Forever Black

April 24, 2020

Metal Blade

Ventura, California USA


Heavy Metal




Now, as the Cirith Ungol resurrection enters its fifth year, the band proudly presents Forever Black, Cirith Ungol's first collection of all-new material in 29 years! Fittingly, the street date of April 24, 2020 coincides with the band's historic double-headliner appearance at the Keep It True Festival in Germany. Make no mistake: Forever Black is a classic Cirith Ungol album in every sense of the word. The trademark dark and foreboding riffs, pounding rhythms, and soul-searing vocal attack are instantly recognizable as the Kings of the Dead. From a songwriting standpoint, Forever Black touches on all of the elements that make Cirith Ungol revered, from the exhilarating uptempo call to arms that is "Legions Arise" to the clever incorporation of past glories in "The Frost Monstreme" to the somber and dynamic "Stormbringer" to the primal chest-beating epic finale of the title track. Lyrically, Forever Black explores topics ranging from high fantasy themes to rallying cries for the legions to apocalyptic visions of burning fires, incarnate evil and jet- black darkness. The icing on the cake is the striking cover painting by Michael Whelan, whose magnificent visuals remain inextricably associated with Cirith Ungol.