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Wolftooth – Valhalla

Wolftooth is a pack of seasoned metal veterans determined to raise the bar of the almighty riff, combining elements of 70s and early 80s NWOBHM with Bay Area Thrash, doom-laden riffery and a stoner sensibility, and were called “the best pure-blooded heavy metal band in the world right now” by Metal Hammer not long back. On sophomore album Valhalla, the Indiana outfit has upped the ante, expanding on their formula with added sonic layers and greater variation in songwriting and musical execution. Valhalla is a triumphant return for Wolftooth, a diverse record with heavy rockers, straight-up metal bangers, and expanded production. This band is ready to howl!

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Zatyr – Ornament Of Proposition

Zatyr. The best new band out of Sweden? Possibly. No, the Gothenburg-quartet aren’t a throwback to Nihilist (or Carnage). They aren’t trying to re-do Septic Broiler’s demo days. And they aren’t a Bathory (pre-Viking) clone. No, fellow fiends and maligned metalheads, Zatyr are visiting the super-early ’80s, when the spark of heavy metal was bright (and dangerous). When bands played their music, and didn’t rely on hamonizers or tone auto-corrects. This is the real deal forged out of denim, leather, and polished chrome. I mean, if you don’t like Running Wild, Silver Mountain, Omen, or Death SS, then you’re probably going to stick your Tampa- or Stockholm- death metal nose up at the newly-born Swedes, but what if I “Sweden” the sonic deal by including In Solitude, RAM, or Portrait? Now, do I heave your attention? Hope so. – Decibel

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