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Thrawsunblat – Insula

Raw folk & melodic black metal from New Brunswick, CANADA (w/ imported New England blast beats and basslines)

Thrawsunblat is a Canadian folk & black act featuring Juno Award winner Joel Violette (Woods of Ypres), Rae Amitay (Immortal Bird), and Brendan Hayter (Obsidian Tongue). Steeped in mythology, Canadiana, and Atlantic tradition, their sound has ranged from black metal to acoustic dirges, to folkened black and beyond.

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Icon Of Evil – Icon Of Evil

On the newest release Poland’s ICON OF EVIL offer two ultra heavy, brutal and crushing death metal songs that will appeal to fans of BOLT THROWER as well as ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS, BENEDICTION, MASSACRE. Includes ex and current members of EVIL, INFEKCJA, WOJTYLA, CREEPING CORRUPT, POLTERGEIST…

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Irdorath – The Final Sin

IRDORATH, an extreme black / thrash Metal band from Austria, is ready to release their 5th full length album named “The Final Sin”.

Formed in 2005 they evolved their playing style without following any trends or giving a fuck about mainstreams.

With their last word not spoken they recommend to be prepared to get debaptized and shattered when listening to IRDORATHs new record “The Final Sin”

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TOMBSTONER – Descent Into Madness

Two sets of brothers from Staten Island, New York formed TOMBSTONER in March of 2019. Experly combining a unique blend of styles, TOMBSTONER incorporate Old School Death Metal, Grindcore, Thrash, Hardcore and Brutal Slam into one deadly cocktail – effectively evolving the Death Metal genre into the new decade.

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Witches Hammer – Damnation Is My Salvation

Although they only released a few demos and a 12” EP during the band’s original active period (1984-1990), Witches Hammer occupies a prominent place among the pantheon of Canadian Speed Metal masters. The original lineup featured guitarist Marco Banco, who was just 15 years old when the band recorded its first demo, vocalist Rayy Crude, bassist Steve “Naïve” Withrow, and on drums, Rayy’s brother, the late John Prizmic. Witches Hammer’s name may not have been widely known during the band’s existence, but they were a crucial piece of the Vancouver extreme metal scene, most notably through their influence on the members of Blasphemy. (Banco would, of course, later play guitar for Blasphemy on the legendary “Fallen Angel of Doom” album.) In the early 2000s, NWN! worked with Banco to re-release Witches Hammer’s demos and s/t EP, as well as the previously unreleased MLP the band recorded in 1988. Indeed, NWN!’s relationship with Witches Hammer is one of the longest-running associations the label has established through the years. In 2018, Banco and Crude decided it was time to revive the band and assembled a new lineup capable of delivering the blistering, sinister speed metal for which Witches Hammer is known. Their appearance that same year at the first installment of the Never Surrender fest in Berlin exceeded all expectations, proving that their reemergence was consistent with the band’s legacy without being a sterile imitation of their prior catalog. The response to the recent Witches Hammer live performances has been uniformly positive, further reinforcing Banco’s and Crude’s resolve to press forward. The result of this effort is the astonishing “Damnation Is My Salvation” album. The current band’s sound is a perfect extrapolation of the earlier recordings. Witches Hammer delivers the same primitive, evil thrash but slightly blackened and more technical, tastefully reflecting the unavoidable influence of the musical developments during the intervening years, achieving a sound reminiscent of bands like Ares Kingdom and Destroyer 666. Three songs on “Damnation Is My Salvation” are re-recorded versions of classic tracks from earlier releases; “Frozen God,” “Deadly Mantis,” and the eponymous, “Witches Hammer” all originally appeared on the band’s demos, but are now revived and repurposed for this new lineup. The other tracks, all newly written and recorded, are masterful. Directed by Banco’s virtuosic guitar work, Witches Hammer deliver a searing frenzy of wretched riffs, frenetic bass, and relentless percussion, perfectly complemented by the barbed rasps of Crude’s menacing vocals. Few bands, if any, have reformed after decades of inactivity to produce such a powerful addition to an already tremendous catalog. With this album, Witches Hammer both reinforces and builds upon its significant legacy.

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