Category: April 17, 2020

Reptilium – Adrenochromancy

The Reptile Sect is back with a new set of hierophantic transmissions: Adrenochromacy. This follow-up to 2019’s debut EP Conspiranoic conveys even more information about the truth of worldwide enslavement, abduction, and reveals a new musical aspect of REPTILIUM’s blistering ufonaut horror.

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Vathos – Underwater

The post-black metal band Váthos started in the fall of 2017, based in Bucharest, Romania. The evolution period of our style with elements from atmospheric post black, melodic death metal with a diverse influence of sub-genres from the extreme side of music, resulting in a mixture of melody and aggression as we start to define our own sound in such a short time span.

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Song Premiere: May 11, 2020

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