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Crossfaith – Species

Japanese metal juggernauts CROSSFAITH will release a new EP, “Species”, on May 22 through UNFD. The five-track offering features recent single “Endorphin” as well as the latest song, “Digital Parasite”.

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August Burns Red – Guardians

While predominantly known as a metalcore band, August Burns Red have really been injecting many more elements into their music in later albums which is quite honestly a breathe of fresh air from what I feel has become a stale genre that has long run it’s course, as new genres tend to do. While that sound can obviously still be heard in the band’s latest album “Guardians“, there’s more progressive and melodic elements found including a bit of that melo-death sound that has much more legs in it’s core sound.

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Irist – Order Of The Mind

IRIST. A word that’s not a word. Contained inside, however, are words—rist, iris, and stir—that hold not just heavy meaning but are powerful descriptors that define the boundless potential of extreme metal’s newest and brightest hopeful. Rist is to carve a rune (or symbol) into stone. The concept of permanence and longevity is rife throughout IRIST’s debut album, “Order of the Mind”. The recently formed quintet have, in effect, crafted a debut that will withstand time. An iris can refer to a mechanism that controls light received or a flower that has, since time immemorial, represented courage and wisdom. Indeed, there’s nothing but courage on display by three of IRIST’s five members who travelled from their South American homelands to arrive at, live in, and form a band in Atlanta.

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