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Close The Hatch – Modern Witchcraft

Close the Hatch have been developing their sound for several years, but based on samples of their earlier work this is clearly their best; further in this direction please. It feels like they didn’t quite take their sound seriously enough until they got to Modern Witchcraft. It’s sludge style with a modicum of doom, but the real beauty here are the vocals, which capture the attention and then quickly smother it with sadness.

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Mountaineer – Bloodletting

The new lineup changes not only giving MOUNTAINEER the ability to play live, but also brought more songwriters into the fold. Throughout 2019 the band collaboratively wrote what was to become Mountaineer’s third full length album, Bloodletting, with Lifeforce Records handling the release once again.

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Paradise Lost – Obsidian

Founded in 1988 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, PARADISE LOST are not only known as one of the most distinctive acts in metal – their music defined the gothic subgenre and raised doom metal to a new level – they are also considered pioneers of an entire musical generation

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