April 3, 2020

Long Branch

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Bring Me Down

April 3, 2020

Long Branch

Copenhagen, Denmark






The voyage towards the nucleus of blackness is something the metal scene has sought for since the very beginning. The necessity to be heavier gave rise to a need to be caliginous and more tormenting, both in terms of lyrical capacity and musical attack, and as technology has provided a deeper access to the abomiable sounds in the sky, music can become a disturbing time for those that come across the right acts. Denmark’s Cabal are one such group, a demon lurking in the cavernous abysses of the underground that has been lying asleep for the past two years until now. Erupting onto the scene back in 2016 as a newfound force of a new direction for the overcrowded deathcore scene, Cabal fractured bones with their down tempo, down tuned and down right ugly attitude to music on the debut EP Purge, something that progressed until eventually getting the acclaim it deserved on the full-length debut Mark of Rot. Cabal grasped the exigency for evolution, and there were pieces on the debut that called on redefining. Drag Me Down is a virtuous and superb follow-up in almost every way imaginable.