May 1, 2020

Swell Creek

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Ash Return

The Sharp Blade Of Integrity

May 1, 2020

Swell Creek



Heavy Metal




After the sudden end of HC legend MIOZÄN, it become obvious very quickly for 4/5 of the band members: giving up was not an option, but to continue under the same name wasn't even up for debate. Although the main influence was to remain in the classic hardcore style of the late '80s, the new sound would be combined with classic metal influences à la IRON MAIDEN for example. As luck would have it, Tank, Kniffel, Gerrit and Outso quickly found Johnny from true metalheads GLORYFUL, the right man for the job at the mic, invent their own brand new genre "Swordcore" and now are ready to escape the ashes, rising like a phoenix as ASH RETURN (yes, just like the song of IGNITE). Even the cover of the debut 'The Sharp Blade Of Integrity', where Archangel Michael turns his sword against the demon, illustrates that the recordings were not an easy task. ASH RETURN spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears, alongside just as much passion, and this fact is demonstrated by every single one of the album's stylistically wide-ranging songs. Consistent heaviness with catchy melodies, hardcore and metal easily form a symbiosis, blitzing guitar solos with fist raising singalongs, diverse vocals extending from deep growls and hardcore shouting to virtuoso Bruce Dickinson heights doing the rest. Hardcore will be Hardcore!