March 13, 2020

Album Info


Spoiled Marrow

March 13, 2020

Massachusetts, USA


Death Metal


ANTHROPOPHAGOUS hail from the frozen, festering wastes of western Massachusetts. Lying in wait, simmering in obscurity before the opportune moment to strike, the four-song Spoiled Marrow announces ANTHROPOPHAGOUS' arrival with total and utter rudeness 'n' crudeness. A new entity they may be, but ANTHROPOPHAGOUS harken back to the ancient forebears of evil - think the likes of earliest Incantation, Grotesque (Sweden), Sadistic Intent, Nuclear Death, and Necrovore - delivering devastating, to-the-point DEATH METAL with no frills, no gimmicks, and no synthesizers: only the evilest, heaviest sensations rendered without mercy. Neither retro nor resolutely primitivist, ANTHROPOPHAGOUS' barbaric onslaught slices away any niceties or approachability of nowadays "death metal," leaving only the husk of ghastly, gestating EVIL and pounding it into submission. Burning leather and steel for the lizard brain - partake of Spoiled Marrow or perish!