May 1, 2020

Finisterian Dead End

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May 1, 2020

Finisterian Dead End



Black Metal




After two years of intensive work, French black metallers ABDUCTION are now ready to lift the veil on their most ambitious work to date: ‘Jehanne’. Composed of eight epic, tragic and passionate songs for a full hour of intense music, this third album manages to set the bar even higher than its predecessors. True to their unique identity, ABDUCTION has meticulously crafted an honest and throat-gripping work that oscillates between raging black metal and peaceful, melancholic acoustic parts, and takes the listener on an adventurous journey. Engineered, mixed and produced by Déhà (ex-Clouds, Maladie, We All Die Laughing) at his Opus Magnum Studio, Jehanne tells with sturdy passion the story of one of the most fascinating figures in France’s rich History: Joan Of Arc.